Usable area Height Living area Bedroom Bathroom Capacity
24.75 mp
2.50 m
13.90 mp
7.96 mp
2.89 mp
3 adults

Live without compromises

We designed a product that’s perfectly at home in high altitude winter conditions, but you don’t have to live in the Alps to appreciate the robust construction and high levels of insulation. The Alpline home can withstand the weight of the snow blanket in the mountains but is also perfect for beach or lakeside living all year round, anywhere in the continent, whatever the conditions.


Enjoy a new form of houses with touches of glamour that has brought fresh life into the accomodation scene. Our Mobile Homes offer an experience like no other, set in nature but delivering freedom, with a new style and with luxurious levels of comfort. Designed using intelligent design and built to our standards of quality and durability, our drophouses are just like upscale boutique hotel suites right there in nature. 


Our drophouses are one of a kind on the market. Intelligently designed, modular and with full ALU or wood construction and world class canvas, our houses set a benchmark in the accomodation world. 


Intelligently-designed kitchens based on ergonomic principles, with style and functionality and matched with the best energy saving appliances. 


Spacious bedrooms with superior comfort. Excellent for rest and relaxation. Best quality mattresses and built-in materials. 


Luxurious en-suite hotel-style bathrooms with quality fittings and touches of luxury. Your personal space designed just for you.