Why DropHouse?

Due to high quality materials used and the simplicity of it’s built. It provides the possibility to be moved really easy and placed on any type of terrain. The houses can be connected to renewable energy sources, becoming completely off-grid.








Our houses are fully equipped and you have the possibility to fully furnish it. Having that, you can buy it ready to go.

Available in multiple dimensions: 12.5m, 10m, 8m. The diversity offers the possibility to pick the house that serves your needs.

Impress your visitors with an unusual but beautiful design. Be
memorable when it is needed!

Waterproofed and fully enveloped for 100% protection against all types of weather.

All types of houses come fully equipped, and the exterior modules will
be assembled on the spot after they are positioned on the terrain.

The houses are completely mobile, they can be transported anywhere
there is an access road for a trailer.

Because of the reduced area of the house, it will require low attention
for maintenance.

The high quality of the materials and the meticulosity used in building them indicates a durability span over years, with no intervention.